Inspire Communities

We want to inspire communities to engage with one another. We want to create moments of creative collision that inspire sustainable growth, connection and development. We want to encourage people to take responsibility for others, the environment around us and those that inhabit it. Together we can do more.

Encourage Economic Growth

It is important that our work inspires businesses to grow, entrepreneurs to innovate, organisations to expand and for jobs to be created. We encourage innovation and a timely commitment to building industry leading companies that are birthed and grown from our county. 

Build Skills For Life

Going beyond education and leaderships skills, we want to deliver skills to our leaders that they can use throughout life's adventures. Skills that are learnt through trial and error, challenging ones self and standing up for what your believe in. 

Create A Platform for Change

Providing a platform for leaders to share ideas, opinions, challenges and opportunities. Creating an environment that supports collaboration, sharing and transparency. 

Lead Norfolk To A Brighter Future

Acting now to encourage growth and development of our counties leaders will only further the development of our county and in turn draw a clearer road to a brighter future, together.