We live in a world where our responsibility is one as a global citizen.

We are working to develop the LeadWorld Forum across the world as a recognised platform that supports and nurtures young leaders.

The LeadWorld Forum, LWF,  is a global initiative that highlights the work of young leaders under the age of 35 and supports them to further their ambitions to create positive growth within their communities.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Our Mission

To support and inspire young leaders to make positive change within their communities.

Our Aim 

To connect communities across the world for the purpose of sharing knowledge, best practice and collaboration.

Global Project Founders

LeadGhana - Danielle Sarpong, Founding Ambassador

Danielle Sarpong is the founder of Danielle's Charity Foundation and at the age of 22 is also a student of the University of Ghana, pursuing her degree in B.A. She is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and aspires to develop communities through her foundation to ensure, together, they can make a great impact in the world.


Please get in contact if you'd like to set up you're own LeadWorld Forum group in your community.