Why Apply for the LeadNorfolk Leadership Award 2016?

  • Exclusive group of 50 young leaders every year for the next 10 years to join the LeadNorfolk community.

  •  6 events per year that gather the LeadNorfolk members and support their leadership journey through practical knowledge, advice and support delivered by CEO's, experts and industry leaders.

  • Online tools for members to interact throughout the year and beyond the events.
  • Support for developing projects that support the growth of a 'brighter Norfolk'.
  • Opportunity to connect as part of a wider leadership group throughout commonwealth countries.
  • Exclusive opportunities and benefits for members only.

Area's of Leadership we're focusing on.

  • Community - Leaders that are improving the places they live, inspiring the people in their communities, helping less fortunate others and taking responsibility for the world and environment around us.
  • Business - Leaders that are running, working within or setting up businesses that aspire to do different, take responsibility and generate economic value, including creating opportunities for employment and skill development.
  • Education - Leaders that are pushing further within education and are inspiring others to value both the experience and opportunity that education and knowledge provides. 
  • Sport & Health - Leaders that are pushing themselves and other forward towards healthier lifestyles, including providing opportunities for communities to engage in sport and local people to become healthier and well.
  • Green Sustainability - Leaders that understand the importance of our planets energy needs and the responsibility we have to building sustainable solutions to these problems, whilst consciously committing to a greener society. 
  • Technology - Leaders that recognise the potential and opportunities within technology and are embracing the resources and tools available to innovate, to disrupt and to find solutions to today's problems.